Testing Schedule in Greenville County Schools

The federal government under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires states to administer certain types of tests.  Our state requires additional tests under laws passed by the state legislature.  Our school district, Greenville County Schools (GCS), chooses to administer other assessments. Specific dates for tests can be found at Greenville County Schools.  Note that GCS high schools operate on a block schedule with four, full-credit classes per semester.

To the side of each of the assessment boxes below is a colored icon.  A purple icon indicates a federal or state required assessment (or one offered nationally like the SAT).  A green icon indicates a school district test.

In addition to those listed below, in every grade, Kindergarten through 12th, an English language proficiency assessment (ACCESS for ELLs®) is administered to multilingual learners in the spring.  Learn more at the South Carolina Department of Education